Working in an international environment

What's the international language of business? Most people will reply - English! And they would be correct.

There are now more speakers of English as a second language in the world than native English speakers. If you are born into an English-speaking country, your fluent English language skills will serve you well when you apply for that job, pitch that business proposal or present your research to a panel.

But what about those who had to learn English at school and who enter the workforce without the required professional English skills? How can they compete fairly in today's globalised market?

Our mission

The English Trackers Academy has been designed to help people who need to improve their professional English and build their confidence in their penning, pitching and presentation skills.

This is not a language school; the Academy presumes you already have a reasonable level of English. What our range of courses will bring you is the tools and techniques you need to know how to structure documents in English - from simple emails to complex reports to crucial presentations.

Our expertise

English Trackers Academy is run by English Trackers Co Ltd, an English editing company set up in 2008. A British-run company, English Trackers has a a pool of professional English editors ready to polish documents from clients around the world.

English Trackers