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Craft a Standout LinkedIn Headline

Introducing different headline styles and how to pick the perfect one for your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn headline appears right under your name - it's like your banner, presenting who you are.

It flies next to your photo on LinkedIn, promoting who you are or what you have to offer to the business community!

This is the third module in the "Creating an Impressive LinkedIn Profile" course. We're offering it here for free so that you can see if our teaching style suits you.

Every module includes a slide deck explaining the theory of that particular module. The deck makes it easy to flick through when you want to find specific information. Following the slide deck, there is always an online tutorial showing you how to implement what you've just learned on your own LinkedIn profile.

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Your Instructor

Bridget Rooth
Bridget Rooth

A British national who has spent the last 25 years living outside of the UK, first in France and then in China, Bridget Rooth's core business is focussed on helping people and businesses produce content in clear, flowing English.

As the founder and CEO of an English editing company – English Trackers – Bridget's mission is to remove the barriers people face when working in English.

English Trackers editing clients – individuals, SMEs to MNCs and government agencies – have over the years asked for help in actually writing their English documents. By creating this Academy, English Trackers plans to offer a series of courses on how to “pen, pitch and present in professional English.”

Frequently Asked Questions

It seems I have to log in twice - once to your school and then onto your course. Is that right?
Yes, if you are not already enrolled in the English Trackers Academy you will need to register with the school first. Then you can enrol in this free course.

I've trained thousands of people on how to use LinkedIn, both on a one-to-one basis and in live workshops.

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